Dry docking



We represent shipyards for drydocking repairs, conversion and new building
of all types of vessels. With network located in Far East, Europe, South Africa etc,
we offer our clients high quality of repair and maintenance agency
service with competitive pricing.

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Afloat repairs

We carry out competency engineering work and onboard vessel repairs on time and of highest standard.

Our Services:

  • Air cooler repair and fabrication equipment
  • LSA& FFA servicing
  • Automation
  • Turbocharger, Governor and Fuel Oil Pump overhaul & repairs
  • Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Repair / overhaul / fabrication for machineries & equipment
  • Communication & Navigation servicing
  • Underwater servicing
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • UTM Gauging
  • Deslopping, Demucking and Tank cleaning



Our supply scope ranges from Engine Spare Parts, Provision, Marine Deck, Engine Stores to all kind of machinery items.

Working around-the-clock, our team ensures that you receive
first-class quality products at competitive price.



We act as “protective agent” for vessels to ensure dry docking, repairs, spare parts and stores, crew matter and other Owners’ husbandry requirements are fulfilled.

With an extensive network in China, we can:

  • Speed up customs clearance and documentary process
  • Promote communication between different parties associated more effectively
  • Follow up with vessel’s pre-arrival and post-departure